I had the honor of speaking to Denley Fowlke, one of the owners of Sun Warrior, this last month. Denley offers a wealth of helpful and educational information. I think the biggest thing I took from the conversation was the difference that high quality ingredients can make to our diets. Sun Warrior offers a variety of products through Azure Standard however, it is the protein drink I am most interested in. I am confident that maintaining proper blood sugar levels are critical. I also strive to provide my children with quality protein products that will give them the ‘fuel’ they need for the day. My husband enjoyed the flavor of the Sunwarrior Protein Powder but also noticed a difference in his performance at work. For myself, it is the Ormus Greens I enjoy! I’ve been enjoying green drinks for sometime now. I’ve learned there is a big difference between the “cheap” products and those created with care and responsiblity! This product is made from raw, non GMO and organic ingredients that offer a multitude of minerals. Great care has been given to every detail of this product including the packaging! If you would like to hear Denley share about the products please take a few moments and listen to our Sunwarrior podcast.