What We Do:

Delivering the finest Whole Food to the Midwest! If you live in the Midwest and would like to receive the finest whole foods in your community simply call us for more details at: 785-633-3152 We offer our home as the monthly pick up location for Azure Standard Co-op. We do not charge anything for this service and do so as a blessing to our community. For more information on ordering with Azure, we encourage you to visit their site at: www.azurestandard.com You can also call us for details if need be. The drop number for Topeka, KS is: 41416

Homestead Classes available throughout the year! Classes include: Bread Making, Cheese making, Butter Making, Gathering and Cooking with native plants, Food Storage, is it Biblical, Gardening, Herbs at work in the home, Natural goat care and much more…

Selling quality breeding stock to the community: We only breed our animals based on the needs of our community. To reserve your new farm addition and learn more about the animals we offer, please contact us via email.

Educational Books: Mrs. Joseph Wood, with the help of her daughters, has been working on compiling all of her M.O.M writings for you in a book format. She also has e-books and other educational books to offer. Feel free to take a look around. If you are not finding what you need, just contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Farm Tours: We love to share with others what God has done for our family. If you would like a tour contact us via email and we will try our best to set at date for you and your family.

Homemade Garden beds made by Josiah. …and much, much more!

Made Simple Series

Bee Keeping Made Simple is a wonderful book written by Mrs. Joseph Wood. She has written this book as a reference guide for others interested in beekeeping. It is full of wonderful pictures and information on how to make natural beekeeping simple.

Homeschooling Made Simple If you’re thinking of homeschooling or currently revising your homeschooling days, you’ll not want to miss this helpful resource, Homeschooling Made Simple. I have complied the best information, resources and lessons learned through the last 19 years of home educating our children. Created to inspire, encourage, inform, and equip you for the journey of homeschooling your precious blessings! This e-book is NOW available!