This month, July 2011, I am delighted to be sharing two different families journey through Gluten Free Living. You may be like I was a few months ago, unfamiliar with the purpose or real need to change eating habits, or perhaps you too are embarking on a gluten free menu for your family as well. Whatever the case, I am confident we can learn from others, gathering gems of information that can prove helpful as we learn to care for the nutritional needs of our family. If you would like to get to know these families more, I encourage you to visit our Facebook page where they are all active members and offer suggestions and encouragement often!




Meet Erica: Erica is a customer with Azure Standard from the Nevada area. She began the gluten free living lifestyle after realizing she had some personal health issues that could benefit from the absence of gluten and other foods from her diet. She has learned to create meals her family enjoys and yet still meet her needs as well. Two websites she offers to us as resources are: Elana’s Pantry and The Spunky Coconut. Don’t forget to check the blog later this week as Erica shares with us as a guest writer and includes one of her favorite gluten free reciepes. You can listen to my conversation with Erica HERE




Meet Anna! A mother and Azure customer in the Houston TX area that dived into gluten free living and noticed health improvement. Even though this way of eating had its challenges, she found the benefits worth it! Anna shares a few helpful sites in gluten free living. I especially enjoyed visiting the Gluten Free Goddess. You can read Anna’s story HERE ENJOY!