Growing up ‘Green’!

Growing up Green

Growing up ‘Green’! “It’s a radical road back to the basics… a road that’s proven worth taking!”

For the month of June I will be spotlighting 3 families that have decided to leave the culture of convenience returning to sound health and dietary practices. Families who are dedicated to raising their children to enjoy the dirt, fresh air, and natural products free of harmful toxins and ingredients. Each are making this unique journey with steadfast commitment, honesty and passion. Join me on June 1st when I launch: Growing up ‘Green’!

A special thank you to our Facebook friends who sent me photos of their children “Growing Up ‘Green’”. They have graciously allowed me to share their photos with you here, in a slideshow, with quotes and Scripture that I have picked out. ENJOY!

Meet the Families:

Harmon Family

Hi! I’m Wardeh (which you pronounce Wardee) and I feel so blessed that Mrs. Joe asked me to be here today! I blog and teach traditional food preparation methods — such as sourdough, cultured dairy, cheese, fermentation and more — at That’s a mouthful of an acronym which stands for embracing “God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season.” My family and I live in Oregon, on a little 5-1/2 acre homestead. Our family includes dear goats, milk cow, chickens and dog, too. Our journey to living close with creation is ongoing. Do we ever really get there? We’re certainly not there yet! It is a lot easier for me to look back and see how far we’ve come. Read More…




Hepp Family

Angie Hepp is a former registered nurse and avid student of all things health and nutrition. In addition to serving her family nourishing traditional foods, she loves to learn new ways to reduce exposure to toxins and live more frugally and naturally. She is blessed to be married to the love of her life, Tony, and mother to darling 8-month-old Fiona. My how time flies! It certainly doesn’t seem like only three short years ago that our family began the journey back to simpler, safer, “greener” living. By the grace of God we have accomplished so much and made so many changes in that time! We are beginning to get used to the strange looks and skeptical comments we receive from time to time Read More…





Londrigan family

“I am a wife to a wonderful, supportive Christian man, and a mother to 5 amazing blessings who range in age from 4 months to 6 years. My husband is active duty Air Force, and we have chosen to homeschool our children. We really only officially started a “green” lifestyle about 3 years ago, when I knew little about cooking and was struggling to just survive day to day with 2 toddlers and a newborn. Just 8 weeks ago, we finally took the next big step and moved to the country to start a mini-farm with a few animals. While the learning curve has been a steep one, we have truly enjoyed every bit of it! We have learned to take each step as a lesson and an adventure in life, to learn all we can as we have time, and to have as much fun as possible while doing so. As a homeschool family, we have also learned to take the ordinary, less-desirable things and try to make it an unforgettable lesson for the children. We jump at every chance to make memories and spend time together as a family.” Read More…