Welcome! Come on in, pull up a chair and join us for some Kitchen Table Converstaions!

In my home, the kitchen table is often the place of conversation. Everything from politics, theology, botany, daily chores, and simple moments are discussed. Some of our most precious memories have been around that table. Some of our dearest friendships grew from late night conversations around our table. It just didn’t seem right to open up the virtual windows of my home, through this blog, and neglect the Kitchen Table Conversation. Therefore, I have invited a variety of individuals to join me. Some are well known, others will be new friends for sure. Many are owners of respectable and trusted companies who have graciously joined me at my virtual kitchen table. They have willingly shared their knowledge, life experience, and glimpses into their lives while sharing their passion for healthy living. If there is someone you would like to suggest for a chat around my table I would love to hear from you. Simply email me your suggestion at:¬†covenantranchtrucking (@) gmail (dot) com

I have some other conversations that I hope to post in the near future. How to videos, climpses in my kitchen at dinner time and so forth. I encourage you to stop by often! We always love hearing from you!

Listen into my conversation with Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Livingon May 14th 2011

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