Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wood are the parents to eleven children. Mr. Wood owns his own trucking company and hauls for Azure Standard. When he is home he enjoys discipling his sons and teaching them in the Way. Mrs. Wood spends her time serving her family and enjoying the wonderful country air. Jed and Miranda (are to be married August 20th. Jedidiah (23) drives truck with his father and enjoys planning his wedding when he is off work. Miranda (19) is a sweet young lady and works under my mother doing desk work and helping care for the family. Bekah and Jacob are also planning their wedding. They hope to be married April of 2012. Bekah (20) is the house manager and enjoys spending her time practicing photography, riding her horse, and planning her new life. Jacob (20) is a young man from Idaho and has a heart after the Lord. He hopes to own his own ranch one day and is excited about becoming a part of the family. Elisha (18) is the ranch foreman. He enjoys caring for his goats. He can often be found singing hymns to the Lord as he works in the barn. He is a wonderful example to the younger children and will often read the Bible aloud to the boys at night. Beth Joy (16) is the farm manager and web designer for Covenant Ranch, She enjoys spending her time in the garden or working with her horses. She helps her mother answer phone calls and emails for their family business and is learning the basics photography. All the photography on this website is taken by Bekah Lynn or Beth Joy. Josiah (14) is a visionary. He hopes to own his own line of businesses one day. He is the care taker of the garden and delights our family with many garden treasures. Josiah would also like to become a pilot one day and looks forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for him. Timothy (12) is our beekeeper. He truly delights in spending time with his hives. He also cares for all of our poultry. Timmy would like to have a farm of his own one day and enjoys planning for his future. Sarah Grace (11) is our little homemaker. She enjoys serving her family and learning under the watchful eyes of her mother. She looks forward to the day that she will have her own home to care for. Sammy (10 and in the red shirt) enjoys milking our Jersey cow and helping his big brothers. He hopes to grow up one day to do great things for God. Matthew (7 and in the green shirt), enjoys helping his big brothers and caring for our dogs and cats. He would like to grow up to be a NFL player. Deborah~Jean and Daniel Justice coming soon….